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Initiatives & Campaigns

How To Help


In order to achieve our goals, we are engaged in a series of initiatives to raise awareness of our cause.

Through our annual campaigns, people affected by our cause and their families receive much needed help.

  • Lawn Care

    • Complete Lawn Maintenance
    • Mowing & Trimming
    • Tree Trimming and Maintenance
    • Lawn Treatment
    • Organic Pesticide Treatment
    • Leaf Removal

    Additional Services

    • Tree Planting
    • Major Weed Removal

    Free Estimates

    Monthly Plan Starting at: $25.00

Housing Expansion

Housing is a critical part of reentry for so many, in many case having access to housing will be the determining factor to a successful recovery and complete rehabilitation. So, please DONATE to Timelist to advance this philosophy.

This is a site that we are looking to pursue with your contributions

Plenitude Independence
LA Housing

Youth Project

We are seeking volunteers for our Youth Program:  Leadership Academy


  • We need Math Tutors (3-5)
  • English Literature Tutors (3-5)
  • History,Culture Instructors (3-5)
  • Mentors: Men and Women (15)

We are currently trying to target the following sites:

  • Enterprise Park located at: 13055 Clovis Ave., Los Angeles CA 90059
  • Tierra Bonita Park located at: 44910 27th St E, Lancaster CA 93535