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What We Do

We’ve worked with some of the best in our field to conduct research on those we serve to bring this educational material to you.

We’ve also scoured the web for other resources that may help you in understanding the magnitude of our cause that affects thousands each year.

Letters from Prison
Letters from Prison

We receive mail from correctional institutions daily

How It Works


·         Jail/Prison In-Reach

This is how we serve most of our clients. We have served over 700+ inmates inside the Correctional Department. We encourage agencies and other providers to reach out to us for programs and/or technical support

·         CDCR BPH Support

We have a large population of members serving life in prison. They make up a large percentage of our leadership for our inmate led programs inside CDCR. We often write support letters for them and receive request to be enrolled into our Pathway4Home housing program

·         Self-Help Rehabilitation - Workshop Series

Are workshop series cover areas ranging from domestic violence courses to gang intervention and prevention (Read More)

·         Support for Women in Reentry

We hope to invest into more women based services in the coming years. Currently we can provide similar programs already available at our men’s institutions

·         Men Reentry Housing

Pathway4Home is the name of our housing program currently in Los Angeles. Housing is currently available for those on state parole

·         Youth Violence Prevention and Intervention

We have a youth project that focuses on mentoring, recreation and leadership development. We plan to keep a strong program that will be more active during school breaks as well as for after school programming

Women in Reentry

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